2011-12-02 Some Projects Completed

  1. Haircut – a different experience. Sit down, hairdresser cuts hair – cool, looking good. Close your eyes she says. So I do, thinking she is going to cut what little hair I have above my forehead. Next thing I know, she is trimming my eyebrows!!!! Never had this done before. Then when she’s all finished, she takes me through to another room and proceeds to wash my hair – this seems strange but she says it’s so that the loose hair doesn’t fall into my shirt and cause itching. Ah well, it’s a different experienceJ
  2. Radio – finished the installation after joining some more antenna wire.
  3. Got the parts for the winch and reassembled and tested that.
  4. Fed the anchor rope and chain back into the anchor locker. Found that the chain was totally twisted which is why it jammed on that very first attempt to deploy the anchor!
  5. Installed anchor eyebolt – this is to tie the end of the anchor line to so that it doesn’t all run out when anchoring and, thus, donating it all to King Neptune.
  6. Dinghy davits have been removed, strengthened (that’s another story) and re-installed.
  7. Watermaker is being installed
  8. Oil and filters have been changed
  9. Fuel filters have been changed
  10. New battery has been ordered – tested old one and found it to be at retirement age!
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One Response to 2011-12-02 Some Projects Completed

  1. Estelle Ramsay says:

    Read the list twice, after second read the ‘still to do’ didn’t seem to bad. Like Leanne hope after this stopover you will be into cruising mode.