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2013-05-03 AMANZI is SOLD

Final blog Amanzi is sold, It’s all over. Done and dusted!! Papers are signed and delivered, boat is de-registered as a NZ boat, cash is in our bank (don’t ask for a loan, anyone) and so, we are now not … Continue reading

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Sadly, yes, she must be sold. All offers entertained. See the menu link above or just click here.

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2012-06-16 Exit = to go out, or, to go in???

The end or the beginning? Going out or going in? Starting or finishing? Which is it? It’s a good question because that’s where we’re at right now. Ending and starting! It’s now been 2 months since we left Amanzi in … Continue reading

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2011-12-29 “I’m not sure”

“I’m not sure.” That’s our new mantra. What shall we do today? I’m not sure! What’s the weather doing? I’m not sure! Why’s this anchorage so bumpy? I’m not sure! Do you get my drift? I’m not sure you do! … Continue reading

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2011-12-02 Some Projects Completed

Haircut – a different experience. Sit down, hairdresser cuts hair – cool, looking good. Close your eyes she says. So I do, thinking she is going to cut what little hair I have above my forehead. Next thing I know, … Continue reading

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