2011-12-30 A day in paradise

Well! It feels like we’ve finally arrived in paradise :) An idyllic day, blue skies, calm seas, clear water – like that of a clean home swimming pool.

We took Amadink to a local reef today and tried our hand at crawfishing in a spot that had been recommended to us. Sadly we found none but there were many other things to see – huge starfish, many small reef fish and quite a large stingray as well as a nurse shark. Yep, even the admiral was in the water looking for these elusive crawfish. Initially the current was quite strong around the reef but soon slacked off with low tide. Still no luck.

Eventually we headed back to Amanzi with Mary at the helm of Amadink and with alot of coercement and encouragement even got Amadink up onto the plane!!! Woohoo for the Admiral.

Then this afternoon we took Amadink into Chub Cay Marina and wandered into the store where we bought some rum and Fantas and wondered around the actual club. It was very nice with a great pool but the beach was a disappointment as it was quite overgrown with weeds.

Heading back out we were surprised to see a large number of sailboats that had come in and anchored around us. We then sat in the cockpit and were rewarded with a spectacular sunset.


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2 Responses to 2011-12-30 A day in paradise

  1. Richard Vachon says:

    Good day, I live near Montreal in Quebec, Canada and have been following your jincredible ourney. Just want to wish you both a Happy New Year. I hope to be able to do the same journey as yours in a couple of years.