3 Feb 2012 – Jumped ship?

Well it’s been so long since I last wrote a blog that you’re probably all thinking that I’ve jumped ship!

Well not so – it’s just been really busy on board with both Luther and Zeke. We’ve had some really great times and lots of fun. It’s amazing how they seem to have developed in the 4 short weeks that they’ve been with us. Luther is doing remarkably well at snorkelling and he’s only 3 and a half – he even snorkelled into Thunderball Grotto yesterday. And Zeke, who is just 7 days short of 2 (obviously the timing of their visit was well planned to get the discounted airfares for under 2 year olds), is talking so much more than when they arrived. Indeed both boys talk so much and Luther especially chats to anyone and everyone – not always a good thing of course! But they have had lots of contact with fellow cruisers – each time a dinghy goes past us they shout out hello and Luther’s favourite is “What’s the time?” We’re trying to broaden his range of phrases to “Have a good day!” 

Both of them love the water and we’ve been at the beach almost every day. They love the ‘dip’ they always get once we get back to the boat and before they’re allowed into the bath. The skipper is very strict on the no sand in the shower/bath policy – we certainly don’t want a blocked drain. So it’s always the pattern of taking off the life jacket, stripping off the wetsuit and swimming nappy, then a quick dip as their mum dangles them into the sea off the swim platform – this is always a bit nerve wracking as they love the water so much I’m sure they’d both be overboard in a shot and there is often a very strong current raging past – not to mention nurse sharks and sting rays!

We’re in a marina now (Staniel Cay Yacht Club) for a couple of nights as stronger winds were forecast once again. This could have made it difficult for getting to the airport tomorrow, not so much in one piece, but in dry clothes. With 5 of us and all the luggage on the dinghy we would all have got wet for sure!.

Amazingly enough the marina is full of nurse sharks – with a few of significant size among them – but I guess they love it here because late yesterday afternoon a private fishing boat came back in with 50 yellow eye fish and 1 wahoo and the sharks were in a frenzy as the fish were all cleaned.

Today I took the boys to the local playground, to see the planes at the airstrip and also to search for some bread while Leanne did all the packing. Unfortunately no bread was available but when Leanne went out earlier this afternoon she was able to pick up some bananas, grapes and a cucumber. A real treat! The playground and sports area was a bit sad – all very run down. Only one swing of about 6 was in order, the tennis court net was broken, as was the volley ball net. But there was a basketball court in pretty good nick and there was even a basketball, although a little flat. I haven’t lost my touch though and successfully scored several baskets much to Luther’s amazement!

The favourite play thing turned out to be an old motorised golf cart that had just one wheel – believe it or not the steering wheel still turned it. Zeke however was more interested in all the various items of rubbish lying around – what is the fascination for old bottles and cans etc?

The yacht club here has a great atmosphere – we had lunch there yesterday and will be treating ourselves to lobster there tonight – well what else can we do if we can’t catch our own???

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