2013-05-03 AMANZI is SOLD

Final blog

Amanzi is sold, It’s all over. Done and dusted!! Papers are signed and delivered, boat is de-registered as a NZ boat, cash is in our bank (don’t ask for a loan, anyone) and so, we are now not only homeless but also boatless.

Homeless because we sold our home when we went boating and haven’t settled down but are looking for a place in a smaller town. Hey, how hard can it be in such a small country, you may well ask!!!

Boatless, because after a year on the market, a buyer appeared, made an offer, we countered, he countered, we countered and stalled and then he walked away after we couldn’t agree on a price. Some time later he reappeared with a better offer which was acceptable and the deal was concluded and today everything was finalised.

There was an earlier “buyer” who just turned out to be a tyre kicking chancer!!

So there it is. Final! Kaput! Finis! Finito! The End! A smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

This blog started almost 2 years ago with a kaleidoscope of emotions, and to a certain extent has ended the same way. But although it is with a tinge of sadness that I say goodbye to Amanzi (and the growling rumble of my puppies, Apollo and Zeus), I do not regret anything. She gave us much joy and a wonderful, wonderful, unrepeatable adventure and those memories last forever. And, surprisingly, it’s amazing how some of the “not so good” memories (eg tornadoes in Georgia, anchors dragging, flat batteries and then some) have already faded into distant memories while only the memories of the good times remain.

So, my good friends, this blog will henceforth remain silent unless we happen upon some new adventure. But for now, it’s time to settle down, get back into some regular work and become “normal” and not “boat” people. How difficult can that be????

Sayonara friends, followers, bloggers and boaters.

Remember my favourite expression:


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4 Responses to 2013-05-03 AMANZI is SOLD

  1. Mary Dickens says:

    We watched Amanzi leave the other day; it was very sad to me. Please keep in touch!