2011-07-26 Amanzi

Well! Essentially we own a new (to us) boat :) :):)

Yep. everything has panned out – the survey was good, the engine survey was good, the oil analysis was good!! So we signed off the final acceptance as did the seller today!! Now we just have to pay – the word “pay” should really be spelt “pai.” Why?? because it is part of the word “PAInful” and isn’t that what paying is?! No, I joke. I think we got a good boat at a fair (to both parties) price :)

So, now it’s just the paperwork of deregistering her as a USA boat and re-registering her as a NZ boat. To do this we had to choose a name – leave-it-to-the-last-minute-Garcias again!! We’ve been mulling over names for months really but couldn’t really come up with an agreeable name but the Admiral came up with a great name.


Amanzi is a Zulu (African) name reflecting our roots in Southern Africa and it means water which we felt appropriate as that’s what we’ll be surrounded by on this our great adventure! It is also the elixir of life!

Of course we still haven’t actually seen the boat in person. We still need to see her, touch her, feel her underfoot, listen to her purring diesels, feel her power underneath, smell her boaty smells, exhilarate in the sea air. Ah I dream but soon….

Click on the name and you’ll be taken to a page of photos.

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One Response to 2011-07-26 Amanzi

  1. Dominique says:

    Awesome news and fantastic name!! I see you managed to get the kiwi influence in there too with the NZ in Amanzi! :)