2011-09-23 Sailboat SOLD!!!

Yay!! Decided to do something different in a last minute effort to sell our sailboat, Sanctuary. It’s been listed for sale for a number of months now and while we’ve had a few interested parties, there have been no real serious nibbles.

So, I decided to drop the price drastically and put it on auction on Trademe (NZ equivalent of Ebay).

Fortunately, a buyer came along and bid on the auction reaching the reserve price which I had also set very low.

Upshot is that the boat is sold :) I think the buyer has scored a real bargain with this fantastic keelboat which I have owned for the last 11 years.

While I didn’t get anywhere near the boat’s full value, I am nevertheless contented that I won’t have to worry about her while we are on our travels.

So, Win-Win situation all around :)


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One Response to 2011-09-23 Sailboat SOLD!!!

  1. Estelle Ramsay says:

    Bon Voyage, and happy and safe cruising to you both. We are looking forward to February when we join the Amanzi as deck hands.