2011-09-27 Moving out!!

Well, the movers are here and have started loading the truck for all our stuff to go into storage. Just 2 guys for a 5-bedroomed, 4 living area home of furniture! Hope they have strong backs!!

Doing a count of all the boxes, I stopped at six hundred and ten thousand five hundred and twenty nine :) Only kidding but it’s amazing how much stuff we still seem to have even after all the kids are long gone and we’ve steadily been cleaning out over the last few months. I guess we were not as ruthless as we should have been.

After this, we stay over with friends, Trudi and Michael – fellow boaties,  collect our cat from the cattery tomorrow and fly her down to really good friends, Graham and Moira, who live in the South Island and have very kindly offered to have her.

Then, on Thursday we fly out :)

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One Response to 2011-09-27 Moving out!!

  1. Leanne Drew says:

    Can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by, let alone that the family house is sold, packed up and now empty. In only a few short months the boys and I will be joining you on your big adventure. :) Looking forward to it. Hope the next few months go by smoothly and that you are able to relax and make the most of your holiday before you are bombarded with your 3.5year old and a near 2year old grandsons. :)